This is the worst PS5 restock price ever – we did the math and it’s shocking PS5 restock

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This is not the PS5 restock you’ve been waiting for today. While Sears is a legitimate store in the US and we do highly recommend PlayStation 5 bundles from Antonline and GameStop (which are often easier to get than the console by itself), we cannot recommend the PS5 at this price, even if you’re desperate for the Sony console. 

At $1,149.99 for the PS5, it veers into absolute scam territory by throwing in a last-generation game – not even the PS5 version – and cheap accessories in order to dramatically inflate the price. Let’s break down what’s inside this Sears PS5 “bundle” and how much it should really cost.

We’ve seen PS5 priced higher by some resellers, but we found the deception here astounding once we did the math.

But first, here’s how we’ve helped 20,000 people buy the PS5 console through our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swiderif you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. Matt is tracking the PS5 at MSRP from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, GameStop, Antonline, among other retailers in the US.

There are two rules:

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  • 2. Warning: do not ‘buy’ PS5 from other Twitter users – which are all scams. Only buy from the websites Matt points you to. No one is looking to eagerly sell a console for just $550 on social media.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see when Matt sends out a Twitter alert about a PS5 restock. Click on this example below to follow his account and turn on notifications.

PS5 restock

(Image credit: Matt Swider / Twitter)

Sears PS5 restock price – and why it’s so wrong

The Sears PS5 price is high at $1,149.99, but that’s not the only thing that’s so wrong with charging this much money. The Sony console costs $499 at the MSRP, and that’s what Matt Swider will help you pay at another retailer if you follow him.

This PS5 offering does come with a recognizable game – Madden NFL 21 – and some helpful accessories. But if you look further at the list of parts, you’ll realize that all of the components are far cheaper and most people won’t take time to inspect their value before eagerly tapping that add-to-cart button.

First, this version of Madden NFL 21 is not the PS5 version of the game. You can upgrade the PS4 version to have PS5 visuals for free, but you won’t be able to play with other people who own the next-gen copy of the game. That’s either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which version your friends have. Here’s the bigger problem: the last-gen Madden NFL 21 costs just $23.96 on Amazon right now.

So we’re up to $522.96 for this $1,149.99 console. But there’s a bit more to this PS5 bundle. It also comes with a Dual Charging Dock, silicon case for the controller (for some reason), four thumb grips for the controller joysticks, a 10-game storage stand, and a wired – not wireless – headset. None of them are name-brand accessories.

‘Doesn’t this PS5 restock opportunity come with an extra controller?’ No.

Although we can’t track down this particular Dual Charging Dock separately and know that the official Sony DualSense Charging Station is $29.99, Amazon and others have many third-party alternatives for $14.99, so we’ll generously pin our price there at $14.99.

Now we’re up to $537.95 for the PS5 Disc console, last-gen Madden NFL 21 game and controller charging dock. The rest of the accessories are even cheaper: a controller silicon case can be had for $9.99 (we’re up to $547.94), thumb grips for $5.99 (we’re now at $553.93), 10-game storage stand for $9.99 (we’re now at $563.92), and a generic wired headset for as little as $14.99 (for a total of $578.91).

But Matt, doesn’t this PS5 restock opportunity come with an extra controller, like we see pictured in the photo, bringing the total value up another $69.99 to 648.90? No. While many people have told me about this bundle on Twitter, and mentioned that it has two controllers, if you read the description, which is filled with misspellings, you will realize that the DualSense gamepad pictured is just the one included with the console. Let’s bring the price down -$69.99 *game show money-losing sound effect goes here*. We’re back down to $578.91, folks.

The Sears PS5 bundle description does seem robust beyond what we’ve mentioned (but it’s not), citing and showing in the picture what should come with the console and accessories without acting like it’s a perk: a micro USB cable, a 2-in-1 micro USB cable, an HDMII cable, the official PS5 console stand that’s in the box and, yes, a “cable for power supply”.

Update: We have found the exact 10-in-1 GameFitz accessory kit for PS5 at Target, and it’s worse than we thought. It costs just $35 for the accessories: the controller charger, wired headset, silicon controller case, joystick grips, and 10-game storage stand. So, along with the console ($499) and last-gen copy of Madden NFL 21 ($23.96), the GameFitz accessory kit ($35) brings the total to $21 lower than when we first did the math.

Checking out math: PS5 restock price shocker

Total price for this PS5 restock? $557.96, meaning you’re overpaying by $592.03. The inflation for this console is more than the bundle is actually worth.

  • PS5 Disc console value: $499
  • Last-gen Madden NFL 21 game: $23.99
  • The real price of the accessories: $35
  • Total value of this bundle: $557.96
  • What Sears is charging (via reseller Entrotek): $1,149.99
  • Difference (how much you’re overpaying): $592.03
  • Reaction: Wow

This PS5 restock isn’t worth it, and while we’ve seen higher prices from a few other resellers, this one is being promoted as a bundle that’s worth every penny. It is, in fact, not a great value.

What should you do? We’re starting to gather intel from our PS5 restock sources about what to expect this week and we’ll have more to share soon. Follow the Twitter account below for more updates.

Source: TechRadar

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