TCL set to bring its popular Mini LED TVs to India TCL Mini LED TV

Consumer electronics company TCL is set for its famed smart Mini LED TV launch, which is claimed to feature Quantum Dot Technology with over 100% color volume. 

According to the brand, the new launch will redefine the smart TV experience and empower users to lead a more connected and smarter lifestyle.

Mini LED is a more efficient, and more effective way of backlighting an LCD screen. Unlike traditional LED backlights, Mini LEDs are minuscule, allowing for televisions with thousands of dimming zones, as opposed to hundreds. The result is greater lighting accuracy, less light bleed and near-OLED contrast levels. Mini LED can vastly improve contrast and brightness control, thanks to the tens of thousands of tiny LEDs packed in behind the panel.

The launch date of TCL’s new TV is expected to be announced in a couple of days.

The TCL Mini LED TV is said to have an exclusive feature called MagiConnect, whcih will enable users to operate the TV via smartphone more seamlessly than ever. 

It will allow them to take screenshots of Live TV, share content via social media, cast audio/video, and much more from their mobile phones. 

TCL recently partnered with Flipkart to introduce its new range of smart TVs in India.

Mini LED has been a core component of TCL TVs in many countries for some time now, with the high-end 8 Series and more mid-range 6-Series both getting Mini LED to enhance their picture performance.

Mini LED TVs use smaller LEDs that allow for more precise control over the TV’s backlight. While they don’t offer pixel-by-pixel brightness control the same way OLED does, Mini LED TVs can get much brighter than OLED – and that will make a world of difference when it comes to displaying HDR content.

Mini LED is the big thing on most new TV ranges, with the likes of TCL, Philips, LG and Samsung all pursuing the TV backlight technology. Even Apple is opting to use Mini LED tech in its new iPad Pro.

Source: TechRadar

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