Sonos Arc update adds Dolby Atmos height channel volume adjustment

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If you spent the $799 a Sonos Arc costs, chances are you love to tweak your sound setup to get the most out of it. And now Sonos is allowing you to do precisely that. With the latest update to its mobile app, the company has added a Dolby Atmos height volume adjustment option for Arc speakers. 

The setting allows you to decide how prominently you want to hear the overhead channel in a Dolby Atmos mix. You can tone it down if you find it overpowering or increase it if you want the height channel to stand out. Previously, that adjustment was something the company’s Trueplay feature automatically tweaked for you when you first set up the Arc in your living space. To access the new option, tap the cog icon in the Sonos mobile app and then “System,” followed by “Arc” and “Height Audio.”

Today’s update also has something in store for Roam owners. Since Sonos released its latest portable speaker last month, battery life with Google Assistant voice control turned on hasn’t been great. In our review of the Roam, we found it was possible to drain the battery to zero overnight if you left Assistant enabled. Following today’s update, Sonos says Roam owners should now get the most out of the speaker’s battery when using Google voice control.

You can get both updates by downloading the latest version of the Sonos app to your phone.

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