Preheat your oven without leaving your sofa with Samsung’s Connected Appliances: part of the Lowe’s List for Innovation Samsung Connected Home appliances

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Having earned the Lowe’s List for Innovation 2021 badge, the Samsung Family Hub™ is one of multiple Connected Home products featured on the list. The Family Hub™ features an interactive touch screen and a wealth of innovative features to keep you connected to your entire home. It’s the definition of innovation, as we’ve come to expect from Samsung.

Samsung Connected Home appliances

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Samsung Family Hub™

Samsung’s Connected Appliances features a number of innovations, the hub of which is the Family Hub. The Family Hub is the centerpiece of the Connected Home line, bringing together your whole home in one easy to use place.

The Family Hub is more than just a smart fridge that can send you alerts if something is wrong. It is a fully connected appliance that can operate as the gateway to your entire home. The SmartThings™ app can also show you the inside of the fridge from anywhere. Because the Family Hub works from both the fridge and connected smartphones, you can take a look inside the fridge while you’re grocery shopping, making sure you don’t pick up more milk when you’ve still got a whole gallon at home. Even from home, this feature helps conserve energy for those moments when you open the fridge looking for a nebulous something.

The Family Hub is also way smarter than other smart fridges. It can actually  recognize the items inside the fridge and suggest recipes based on the ingredients you already have. Find an ingredient missing? Your Samsung Family Hub™ can be used to order groceries for delivery. Want to streamline your meals? The meal planning tools in the Family Hub will help you organize and keep on top of your weekly cooking.

The Family Hub also works with the rest of the Samsung® Connected Home Appliances, as well as a number of other connected devices. You can connect the family home with cameras around your home to see what is happening in every room. You can stream cooking videos to the hub so the pros can walk you through step-by-step. You can check on your Samsung Connected Washer and Dryer from the fridge to see if your laundry is done. You can mirror the screen from your Samsung smart TV so you don’t have to stop the movie just because it’s time to cook dinner. You can even connect with your Ring Doorbell to see who is at your door without having to pull out your phone to check the app.

Having seen the first smart refrigerators when they hit the market, there is just no comparison to the Family Hub.

Samsung Connected Home appliances

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Smart Ranges: get even more out of your kitchen

Another winner of the Lowe’s List for Innovation badge is the Samsung Smart Ranges. As far as ranges go, these smart ranges come with many features and options. Some of the options found in Samsung ranges includes: Rapid Boil, Air Fry, Flex DuoTM, Integrated Griddles, and up to four beautiful fingerprint resistant finishes.

Aside from being a top of the line range, it also comes with a number of innovative features that will make all your cooking and baking so much easier:

  • Smart Cooking – Thanks to the Family Hub, you can preheat, monitor, and adjust cook time and temperature on your oven, as well as monitor your cooktop, all from the hub or your smartphone.
  • Voice Control – The last thing you want to do when you’re cutting meat or kneading dough is touch a screen with your messy hands. Once connected, you can use your favorite virtual assistant, like Bixby, Alexa, or Google, to control your oven.

Samsung Connected Home appliances

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Connected Home line innovates the whole home

Samsung didn’t stop with refrigerators and ranges with this innovation either. You can connect several appliances to the Family Hub and the SmartThings ™ app to keep your entire home connected:

  • Kitchen – In addition to the Connected Refrigerator and Range, this line also includes a selection of ovens, cook tops, microwaves, and dishwashers, each of which can be monitored and controlled from the Family Hub or your smartphone. Preheat the oven on your way home from work, get a notification when the dishes are done, and so much more.
  • Laundry – Going beyond the kitchen, Samsung is also innovating how you do laundry with the Connected Home line of washers and dryers. Using the SmartThings app, you can get notifications when your laundry is finished, schedule washes, and even get tips on the right cycle for your specific garments, all from your phone. Your dryer will even automatically select the right cycle based on your wash settings, eliminating the need for guesswork.
  • More – Samsung’s Connected Home line also includes robot vacuum and air purifiers which can also be controlled from the hub or your smartphone.

Samsung® Connected Home Appliances from Lowe’s

There has never been a better time to innovate your home with new smart appliances. You can find the full line of Samsung Connected Appliances at Lowe’s in a range of options. Available with a wide range of optional features and sleek finishes, you can be sure to get exactly what your home needs without paying for extra features you don’t.  Read more about the complete line of Samsung Connected Home Appliances at Lowe’s List for Innovation: Samsung.

Source: TechRadar

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