Google Photos tool helps manage your (now limited) storage

The days of unlimited Google Photos uploads might be coming to an end on June 1, but you’ll still have options to wring the most out of your free space. Google is rolling out a storage management tool in the Photos app that will help you delete those photos and videos you’d rather not keep.

The new Google tool finds those photos and videos that count toward your quota but are more likely to be junk, such as blurry snapshots, screenshots, or particularly large videos. While the app has certainly made suggestions before, this gives you an easier way to reduce clutter on your own terms.

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Accordingly, Google is rebadging the “High quality” Photos tier to a more accurate “Storage saver.” Newcomers will have a better sense of the slight image quality sacrifice they’re making to save space versus uploading the original pictures.

This addition won’t assuage you if your storage is already tight and unlikely to get much roomier. However, it might help you wring more out of your Drive space if you’ve been liberal with uploads in the past. That, in turn, could help you avoid a Google One subscription for a while longer.

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