Both Vodafone and Virgin are offering fantastic broadband deals right now Broadband deals

If you’re looking to track down the best broadband deals right now, two options stand out above the rest, offering super-fast speeds, low prices, and some tempting cash incentives.

These two plans come from Virgin and Vodafone, and, while Virgin does have the faster offer – Vodafone is the one that most will be interested in. That’s because it will only cost you £22 a month while securing speeds averaging 63Mb.

And on top of that, Vodafone will also throw in a £75 voucher that you can use at Amazon, Tesco or M&S. Virgin on the other hand is slightly more expensive at a price of £24.

However, for the money you’re getting some seriously impressive speeds averaging 108Mb. That’s perfect for larger families who are looking to play games, stream in UHD and more. Plus, like Vodafone above, you’ll get a cash incentive – a £50 Amazon voucher.

These two fibre broadband deals in full:

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Source: TechRadar

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