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When it comes to wearables, users are spoiled for choices. The market is full of different TWS earbuds that look similar, sound similar and you probably use one because you need to use one. However, to stand out of the crowd, there has to be a product that not only excels at the audio side of things but can add value in terms of design and offer a bit extra.

AXLOIE has made some of the best earbuds that an audiophile would love to hear their music on, are sturdy enough that a fitness enthusiast will not think twice before wearing them for their next workout session. These earbuds, unveiled on April 28 at an online event themed Be Bold, come with unique features that let you focus on the things that you love the most, i.e. your fitness activities and your music while taking care of the rest on their own.

The brand believes that these two new products represent the future of TWS earbuds, now let us have a look at that AXLOIE S7 and AXLOIE S6 have to offer:


AXLOIE wireless earbuds

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Introduced with the slogan of Phone Free. Move Free, the AXLOIE S7 has been designed and created specifically for the true fitness enthusiast who wants a distraction-free workout. Also, it’s just the right thing to showcase AXLOIE’s vision for the future of TWS earbuds, that is to get off the label of smartphone accessories, to function as an independent device and bring more valuable, free, and simple experience to users.

It comes with built-in storage that lets you store 245 of your favorite songs (4MB per song) or podcasts that can keep you motivated and going for that little bit extra and lets you leave your phone at home without any guilt. This is supported by its two additional chips that respectively for storage, decoding and playing the music. 

When it comes to audio quality, the AXLOIE S7 comes with Qualcomm aptX built-in and has a unique multi-layered design that mimics a 10mm dynamic driver. This results in a balanced sound output with clear highs, soft and crisp mids and punchy bass on demand.

The earbuds boast soft silicone ear hooks that are designed to keep each bud in place and also offer a snug fit that helps cut off the outside noise. These earbuds are light in weight and are designed to be worn for long hours without causing any fatigue or irritation. These minimally designed earbuds come with a three-button control that lets you navigate through music in Player Mode, respond to calls or even summon your preferred digital assistant in Earphone Mode when connected to the phone.  

Another key highlight of the AXLOIE S7 is its long battery life. The buds offer a marathon battery backup of 10 hours if you use them in the earphone mode and while listening to the music you can get four hours of juice easily in the player mode. This means, with one-time charging of the earbuds and the case, you will be able to enjoy a battery life with a total of 16 hours in Player Mode or 40 hours in Earphone Mode. The three additional charge cycles from the charging case allow you to travel worry-free. With that being said, the AXLOIE S7 comes with USB-C connectivity and your regular smartphone charger can be used to top up the case and even transfer music files to the earbud. 


AXLOIE wireless earbuds

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Also a pioneer of future TWS earbuds, the AXLOIE S6 is a multi-functional device integrating the functions of earphones, wristband and smartwatch in one device, and helps you to Feel Your Heartbeat.  

Weighing at five grams each, the AXLOIE S6 are tiny yet extremely powerful earbuds and help you reach your goals of fat-burning or training threshold every time without fail. Sometimes high heart rate exercises will cause harm to the human body, and the accumulation of the harms could possibly lead to a burst, such as sudden death. So a reminder – such as AXLOIE S6 – to avoid overtraining sometimes could be a lifesaver. 

These tiny earbuds come equipped with an accurate Infrared PPG monitor that measures your heart rate precisely and keeps you informed about the exertion level. The PPG technology enables the device to avoid the interferences caused by factors such as skin pigment or wrist sizes while capturing data. Along with the brand’s newly launched app, you can set up a customized sport profile for yourself to track all the activities and monitor fitness progress.

When it comes to the actual performance, AXLOIE S6 offers unmatched audio quality with the help of precisely tuned drivers and the high quality of components used to build the S6. Offering thumpy bass, crisp highs and clear mids, these earbuds are music to your ears. The AXLOIE S6 also offers you clear audio quality while on calls thanks to a couple of mics present on each bud – one to capture what you speak and the other one to collect ambient noise. The dual microphones with noise cancellation further help in enhancing your audio over the background noise resulting in a crystal-clear audio quality that makes even the regular calls a joy.

The AXLOIE 6 comes in an ergonomic case that is designed to fit in your palm or slide into your jeans pocket easily. It comes with a rubberized coating that not only keeps the case easy to grip and makes it scratch-proof, it also keeps fingerprints and smudges at bay. 

Both the case and the bud come in a matte metallic shade and carry a minimalist design. Equipped with a single button that has been designed to respond to various queries with ease, the AXLOIE 6 can be used to respond to calls, control music, control the volume and access to other features. It makes sure an 8-hour battery life. While with another three charging cycles stored in the charging case, you can use the device for a total of 32 hours.

The AXLOIE S6 comes with an ear hook that holds the earbud in its place letting you focus on your fitness activities and coupled with the silicone tips, it offers additional grip that isolates background noise. You also get replaceable silicone tips and you can choose the one that offers a perfect fit. These earbuds are water splash resistant and are built to last.

So here it comes, the future earbuds, just within your reach. To get your AXLOIE S7 or AXLOIE S6, visit the AXLOIE website (AXLOIE S7 / AXLOIE S6) or AXLOIE Amazon store (AXLOIE S7 / AXLOIE S6

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