Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) price, release date and everything you need to know Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021)

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Amazon has given its smallest smart display an overhaul and unveiled the Echo Show 5 (2021), which features an upgraded front-facing camera. With double the amount of pixels, the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) should mean video calls are a clearer, smoother experience.

As well as improving the camera quality, Amazon has also given the Echo Show 5 (2021) the ability to double as a home security camera, so you can keep an eye on your property even when you’re not at home. The feature, which can also be found on the Amazon Echo Show 10, lets you view a live feed from the smart display’s camera using the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Cut to the chase 

  • What is it? A new version of Amazon’s smallest smart display 
  • How much will it cost?  $84.99 / £74.99 / AU$119  
  • When will it be out? It’s available to pre-order now in the US, UK, and Australia with shipping expected in June 2021

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) price and release date 

The Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) will set you back $84.99 / £74.99/ AU$119 which is $5 / £5 / AU$15 cheaper than the current Echo Show 5, which was launched in June 2019 – although, the 2020 version is currently on sale for $49.99/ £64.99, but not in Australia. This is Amazon’s most affordable smart display, although the brand does offer two other versions; the Amazon Echo Show 8 (2021), which is is priced at $129 / £119.99 / AU$165.35, and the Amazon Echo Show 10, which costs $249.99 / £239.99 / AU$399.99.

Can’t wait for the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) to arrive? Then check out the best prices for Amazon smart displays below:

The Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) is available to pre-order now with shipping expected to start in June 2021. 

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021)

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) Design 

The Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) features a 5.5-inch display and it’s available in three different colors: charcoal, glacier white, and deep sea blue. The deep sea blue color is new for this upgrade and isn’t available on previous models.

In an effort to make the Echo Show 5 (2021) kinder to the environment, the device is made entirely of post-consumer recycled fabric. It’ll also have Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly badge – a way in which the retailer aims to make it easier to shop for sustainable products. 

At a first glance, the Amazon Echo Show 5 looks the same as the previous version and you’ll still be able to make use of the display to show your own photos or link up the device with your Facebook account to show your images from there. 

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) Features 

Designed to help you take control of your home, the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) will still allow you to access the smart home dashboard that we saw in the previous version and you’ll still be able to drop into other rooms where you have an Echo device to let others know that dinner is ready. 

What’s new about the 2021 version, however, is the upgraded HD camera which has 2MP – twice as many pixels as the previous version. You’ll be able to use your Alexa app to access this camera when you’re not at home, too. For privacy reasons, the camera will still have the built-in cover that the previous version had and you’ll still be able to view and deleted any of your voice recordings. 

With the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021), you can set timers, alarms, and make video calls, which will now be clearer thanks to the camera upgrade. Designed to help your morning routine, the Echo Show 5 will be able to control compatible lighting in your home to help you wake up gradually – although, this is something the previous version had too. 

It’s not just lighting you’ll be able to control with this display either, you can connect with compatible security cameras or drop into your own camera when you’re not at home. As before, you’ll able be able to ask Alexa to stream movies or Music if you’ve got a subscription to Netflix or Spotify. 

Source: TechRadar

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