How to Use OttPlayer on All Devices?

Install Iptv On Ottplayer
All Your Tv
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Ottplayer – a service that allows you to collect all your IP-TV in a playlist, adjust the order of channels, receive an electronic program guide.

Handy player designed for the latest platforms – iOS, Android, Samsung SMART TV, allows you to watch your favorite shows in a comfortable home cinema or any other place where there is Internet access.

Multi-platform: applications for Android / iOS / Samsung SMART / NetCast / WebOS
Playlist management: download and edit playlists, add / remove channel groups.

Install the OTTPlayer application

To be able to install Iptv on  OTTPlayer, you must first install the application on your device:

How to install on a LG?

  • Webos platform

1- Download and extract LG_WEBOS_OTTPLAYER.ZIPto the root of the USB flash drive.

2- On the TV, we enter under the LG SmartTV account.

3- Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV.

4- When the message about connecting a new USB device appears, click the Home button on the remote control and use the buttons to search for the widget in the Launcher list.
  • Netcast platform

1- Unpack LG_NETCAST_OTTPLAYER.ZIPin the root of the USB flash drive.

2- Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of the TV.

Important! For the 2011 model range. The USB flash drive must be inserted into the top slot “USB APPS“.

3- On the TV, log in using your LG Smart IPTV account.

4- Go to “My Applications” in the lower right corner.

5- Then switch the display mode of the application list to “My Applications on USB” mode.

6- Launch the OTTPlayer application.

How to install on android box or other android support?

Install from Google Play: Link

How to install Iptv on OttPlayer?

Download your playlist on the Ottplayer panel

To use OTTPLAYER please first create your account on

Then confirm your email with a link sent to your inbox.

Now upload your Iptv playlist to your ottplayer account via the link :

Install the application on your Hardware and authenticate yourself with the email and password you created.

Now confirm your device in your management account via the link

Congratulations your subscription has been synchronized with your DEVICE

If you still find any difficulty to run your Iptv on Ottplayer, feel free to share in the comments box below. We will be happy to provide further explanations.

Download links:

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  1. SuSen

    I facing network error during login after install.

  2. Simo Tazi

    Hi susen, network error means that your iptv list isn't compatible with the ottplayer system. It can't read it

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