How to add an Iptv m3u file to Kodi? A step-by-step guide

A step by step guide to add an Iptv m3u file to Kodi and enjoy watching thousands of channels for free

Being in a technological world, trends change rapidly over a short period of time. Cable and satellite television are now a little outdated. Most television service providers are moving to Internet streaming services.

configure PVR Iptv simple client on kodi

IPTV refers to the streaming of television services over the Internet. And it’s one of the most common and widely used services today. Have you ever wondered how they can stream 1,000 channels live over IPTV? Is it possible to watch these channels for free? How can I access my regional channels for free? If you’re looking for answers to all these questions, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will share the basic secret of how IPTV works and how to pull those links to watch IPTV for free.

If you can get your hands on the right links, you can stream thousands of channels using any streaming media player. So the hardest part is making the links. Before we get into the basic concept, let’s brush up on a few basics.

What is an Iptv m3u file?

To broadcast content from the Internet, you need a broadcast link pointing to the corresponding medium. So if you want to stream 100 channels, you need 100 streaming links. That’s the theoretical concept, what if we could stream thousands of channels with one link? That’s where the M3U file comes in.

M3U File is a simple playlist file. You can think of it as a notepad file containing thousands of working links.   As we already knew, Media Player had the following function to play the next item (media) in the list.

Simply add this file to the Media Player and you will be able to play thousands of channels using its default function. This file is updated daily. So you need to keep up to date to get the right M3U file.

How to get an Iptv m3u file?

There are many methods to get the latest M3U file. The easiest is to go to the IPTV m3u lists we offer for free and enter the working links of the last M3U file depending on your location.

You can use any media player to play the M3U playlist file. For the VLC media player, simply drop the file into the playlist area. And it starts to flow.

Since Kodi is the best streaming software, we provided you with a detailed procedure for adding the M3U file to Kodi. 

In this article, we will provide you with a  step by step guide to add an Iptv m3u file to Kodi and enjoy watching thousands of channels for free by configuring the PVR client.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

1. Installation

Kodi’s “TV” functionality requires the use of a PVR (Video Recorder Client). In our case we will use the “Simple Client IPTV” PVR.

If Kodi is installed under Linux, you must first install the PVR on your system with the command apt-get install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple.

To install “PVR IPTV Simple Client”, open “Add-ons“.
Then choose the logo of the open box.

Install from repository.

PVR clients

Select PVR IPTV Simple Client.

If this PVR is not already installed, install it.

2. Configuring “PVR IPTV Simple Client”.

It is now necessary to configure it.

The first thing to do is to give IPTV Simple Client the m3u file to use, i.e. the list of channels you want to appear in Kodi TV.

In the “General” tab, choose ” path” for location.

Local path if you want to upload an Iptv m3u file from your device
Remote path if you want to add a link to an Iptv m3u list.

Finally, select  OK.

How to add an Iptv m3u file to Kodi?

Open your Kodi and select add-ons.
Select my add-onsfrom the addons submenu.
Select the category as PVR clients.

Select PVR IPTV simple client.

Now select configure to add the URL of the M3U file to your Kodi.

If you want to add a URL, select the location as the remote path and add the URL to the M3U playlist. You can also change the location to the local path and add the M3U file directly from your device.
Enter the URL of the M3U list. And select OK.

Check if the URL is updated in the settings and select OK.

Now enablePVR IPTV simple client to add the channels to your Kodi. 
Restart your Kodi later.

Now access the TV sections in the left pane.
You can now find channels on the list.

Just select one of your favourite channels and start playing your favourite program.

Here are the steps to follow to add an IPTV m3u file to Kodi  and watch free channels. Depending on your location, some of the channels may not work for you.

To access geo-restricted content, we strongly recommend that you use a VPN. By using a VPN, you can access any channel.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and informative. If you encounter any problems when configuring the PVR IPTV client, please let us know in the comments box. We will be happy to provide all possible solutions.

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